Build To Order

We regularly have a supply of project cars that we can restore to your specification, where you acquire the base vehicle from us and we agree a specification of the restoration that your require and a budget price.  We deliver to you a fantastic classic car to the specification of your choice.


Classic Car Restoration

A classic car can mean many things to many people. Perhaps your classic car is a retirement gift to yourself, or perhaps your classic car purchase was the culmination of a lifetime’s dream. Whatever the reason for owning a classic car, if you are looking to put your classic pride and joy back to use, we can help.

Our classic car restoration service is as comprehensive as you need. From simple bodywork repairs, to complete refurbishment, we offer a bespoke service that will ensure that your pride and joy lasts another lifetime. Our specially trained staff can turn your classic car into the car of your dreams with a service that is build around you.

Classic Car Mechanical Restoration

The mechanical restoration of a classic car can mean anything from a routine service to a complete refurbishment and/or upgrade of the cars mechanical components. For many people, the idea of putting new components in an old car is heresy, but some people prefer some of the creature comforts of today’s modern cars, while enjoying the design and characteristics of their classic car. Whatever your preference, we have a service that can help.

From complete engine rebuilds to specific mechanical upgrades, our team have the knowledge and experience to be able to bring the best out of your classic car. Below is a short list of just some of the mechanical restoration services that we offer:

  • Engine rebuilds
  • Engine servicing
  • Engine repairs
  • Engine tuning
  • Brake refurbishment/upgrades
  • Gearbox refurbishment
  • Clutch replacement
  • Suspension refurbishment/upgrades
  • New custom exhausts
  • Wheel refurbishment

Let us take your car back to showroom condition with a mechanical restoration service that can ensure that your car lasts for many more years. Our services give you the option of getting your pride and joy back on the road, so that you can enjoy the thrill of driving a classic once again.

Bodywork Restoration

Most classic cars were built to last a lifetime – unfortunately, they still had to contend with British weather! This means that significant rust and sun damage (not such a huge problem in the UK!) among other bodywork issues, can do extensive damage to classic cars. Our team of expert technicians can provide a finish that will outlast many of today’s cars. By using modern techniques, we can ensure that your classic car looks showroom quality for years to come.

A complete bodywork restoration service can put your car back to showroom condition and recreate the intentioned beauty of the car designer. Many of today’s bland cars can simply not compete with the beauty of many classic cars. In the throwaway society we live in today, it is desirable to put a classic car back on the road. Indeed many young people are now getting in the act, it is indeed trendy to drive a classic car again!

Many cars end up in the great scrapyard in the sky for no reason. With some carefully planned and skillfully executed restoration work, there are few issues which actually mean that a car needs to stop being of use. Our service ensures that your car is ready to give years more pleasurable ownership.

Interior Restoration

Of course one of the problems with classic cars is that people, unfortunately, use them! Car interiors can take a stream of abuse over the years. Many cars we think of as classics today were intended as normal everyday family cars, but their beautiful design and outstanding performance meant that they would remain extremely desirable long past their production run. This means that after years of faithful use, interiors often need significant refurbishment and/or indeed replacement. These are both services that we can assist with an in-house interior manufacturing setup.

We can reproduce the original upholstery if that’s what you wish, or we can also opt for an alternative design from our selection. We can even help to create a bespoke design or an alternative manufacturer option that was available at the time. Whatever your requirement, our team can help to ensure that you get the exact interior that you want for your classic car.

We understand that many people want faithful refurbishments of their classic cars, that is why our highly knowledgeable staff work to an extremely high standard. Our team are experts in their craft and can help to put your car back to the showroom condition that you desire.

A Touch Of Class

It stands to reason that our work is of the highest quality, but we also pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service and satisfaction of our clients. This is what we aim to deliver every time we work with a client. We will ensure that you are regularly updated on the progress of the restoration, and we will ensure that you always understand the costs involved and likely timescales of the project. Due to our extensive experience, we can assure that our timeframe will be accurate and that we deliver what we promise.

Help Us To Keep More Classic Cars On The Road

We are passionate about classic cars and the community that surrounds them. By choosing to restore a car, you are helping to build the movement that keeps classics on the road. It is all too easy to go and buy a new car, but restoring a classic gives a sense of fulfilment that is hard to beat. Not only is it cost-effective (just look at the price of new cars) to restore a car, it is also good for the environment – new cars take significant resources to build, there is also a significant environmental cost to get rid of an old car. Many people are coming around to this idea, and it is refreshing to see a new wave of young people getting involved – often owning cars that are older than them! So get your car restored, and help to save the planet.