Build To Order Classic Cars

One of the most extensive services we offer here at Restoria Classics is built to order classic cars. The ultimate hands-off service, this option allows you to select a vehicle and specify the exact options that suit you. We then take this information and source an appropriate vehicle. Looking for inspiration? We hold a stock of project cars that can be started on straight away and can cut down the time that is required for the project.

We regularly have a supply of project cars that we can restore to your specification, where we source or have in stock, a base and we agree the restoration that you require and a budget. Our team will then deliver to you a fantastic classic car to the specification you choose from a usable classic through to a show winner.

Project Cars In Stock

Want a classic car but feeling short of inspiration? How about going through our selection of project cars that are ready and waiting to be worked on? While many customers have an ideal car in mind, many are open to possibilities. By choosing one of our project cars, you can ensure that you are starting with a solid base that has been thoroughly inspected by one of our experienced technicians.

We can help you to come up with the designs and concepts that suit you, and ensure that you will be completely satisfied. Our service is totally geared towards you, and we will ensure that we work alongside you every step of the way to ensure complete satisfaction.

Currently, we have Jenson Interceptors MK1- MK3 and a rare convertible, MGA’s, MGB’s, Jaguar MK2’s, XJ6 and 12’s, XJC’s and XJS’s in stock ready to start.

Complete Customisation

The real beauty of a project car is the ability to completely customise the car to suit your tastes. Of course, you can opt to put the car back to its original condition, or perhaps opt for something completely different. Whatever you choose, our adaptable service can help to create an amazing car that is built to your exacting specification.

Our experienced team will sit down with you to go through the complete process. We will breakdown everything from the individual details of specific components to colour schemes and modifications. We will ensure that you understand the complete cost of the project and give you an estimated timeframe to completion. Once you are happy, we will begin to create the car you imagine.

Cars To Suit Many Budgets

While a custom project is not going to be a cheap endeavour, our classic car servicing can help to control costs while giving you an amazing car. We can work with a variety of budgets and will lay the options and cost implications out at the time of design. We can build your dream car for a budget that you can afford.

Regular Drivers To Showstoppers

Looking for a classic car restoration that you can live with on a daily basis? Or how about an absolute showstopper that is worthy of being on display at any show? Whatever your preference, we can provide precisely what you need.

For those who need a daily driver, we can integrate new technologies to fit your period car in order to provide the looks that you want with the safety and comfort of new technologies.

For those who want an absolute showpiece, we can provide a high-quality car that is built with exacting standards. We can ensure every single component is optimised to form a stunning creation that you will treasure.