Classic Car Body Repairs

When the worst happens – your classic car gets damaged, you want to be able to ensure that the repair is completed by experts for a reasonable price. Modern body shops charge incredible sums for body repair and are normally Ill-equipped to fix the bodywork of classic cars. Rather than use a modern body shop and be charged a fortune, why not bring your classic car to Restoria Classics here in Norfolk. Our expert team of craftsmen can help to bring your car back to showroom condition, often for less than you would imagine.

Minor Body Repairs

Often the most annoying things for classic car owners are minor body imperfections. A quick trip to the supermarket can end in an innocuous mark or dent being left on your car. While there are many companies that offer repairs, how many of them are really experienced and qualified enough to actually carry out the work? As we alluded to, modern body shops are used to charging huge sums for their work, but often their technicians are not experienced in dealing with the specific needs of classic cars. Our team use techniques that have been learned over many years to produce invisible repairs that put your car back to the condition required.

Insurance Write-Offs

If you have had the misfortune to have a minor knock or something more serious and your car has been written off by your insurance company and you may have bought it back out of the insurance settlement.

This is where we come in as we have the jig equipment to straighten out the chassis and the skills to repair the panels to get your pride and joy back on the road looking like it did before the accident.  We have repaired many cars from this position at a fraction of the cost quoted by a modern bodyshop that does not have the knowledge, desire or skills to repair these old cars.

Many classic car owners choose to buy back vehicles after being written off. If you are in this position, we can help to get your car back to original condition with a range of services that can fix even the most catastrophic damage – we can even straighten frames to ensure safety and stability. We understand that your classic car is precious to you, so we pour all of our expertise and skill into every classic car servicing to put your car back to showroom condition.

Panel Repairs

Modern techniques are not always well suited to classic cars. By using techniques that are proven to work on classic cars, our panel repair and restoration services helps to put your car’s bodywork back to pristine condition. Our expert team have years of experience honing their metalwork skills to ensure that the quality of our repairs is second to none.

Specialist Knowledge

Classic cars require specialist knowledge. Our team of experienced technicians have studied a vast array of classic cars over the years in order to build the specialist skills that are required to produce blemish-free repairs on period vehicles. The ability of our team means that we provide a service that is unmatched in Norfolk and is the main reason why our customers come back time and again.

Not only do we have specialised technicians with unmatched knowledge of classic cars, but we also offer an array of services such as collection, delivery, servicing and MOT tests to provide a wraparound service that takes care of all your classic car needs. With all of these services, you would expect a high price, but we understand that our customers need a cost-effective service that delivers and that is what we provide with every job.