Classic Car Restoration Services

You love your classic car, so when you are looking for someone to help bring it back to life (or indeed keep it running), you need a company that you can trust. Here at Restoria Classics , we have years of experience in classic car restoration. We provide a full suite of services that can help to get your classic car back on the road, or indeed keep it running smoothly. Our dedicated team have the craftsmanship and expertise to carry out a vast range of restoration services. Many of these services are detailed below but if you need something that isn’t listed, call today and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your needs.

Our services include:

  • Complete bare metal restorations from rusty shells
  • Engine restorations and rebuilds
  • Suspensions rebuilds and refurbishment
  • Component rebuilds
  • Upholstery repairs through to complete Interior Refits
  • Fabrication of panels and chassis rebuilds
  • Repainting
  • Rechroming of components
  • Customisations
  • Partial projects where you start or finish the job and we do the heavy lifting

Mechanical Restoration

The beating heart of a classic car is its engine. While clearly many cars were built to last a lifetime, over the years cars need a helping hand to stay on the road. As the vast majority of classic cars are years out of production, it takes expertise and craftsmanship to keep them on the road. Our team provide the following services that can help to keep the mechanical elements of your vehicle in tip-top condition:

  • Engine rebuilds, servicing and tuning
  • Suspension replacement and servicing
  • Electrical testing and repair
  • Braking system servicing and replacement
  • Exhaust system
  • Component rebuilding (for those components that are very hard to trace)
  • Partial restoration (for those who need some assistance with a DIY project)

Classic cars body repairs may seem impossible, but our services can help bring your vehicle back to showroom condition so that you can once again experience the thrill of driving yours.

Bare Shell Restoration

Our most extensive classic car servicing option allows us to take your bare shell and create the car of your dreams. Using modern techniques, coupled with expertise and old-fashioned craftsmanship, we can rebuild your vehicle to your exacting specification. Want your classic car to have the original looks but have some modern comforts? Or perhaps you want the vehicle to be returned to its original specification? Whatever you need or desire, we can help to make it a reality.

Fabrication And Customisation

Classic cars require care and attention. Often when a part fails or gets to the end of its usable life cars can fall into disrepair, but our fabrication and customisation options mean that just because a part cannot be sourced, it is not the end of the story.

With our build to order services we can fabricate any metal work that needs to be repaired or replaced – this saves needing to find original parts, which can often be expensive and hard to obtain. We can also customise almost any part of your classic car in order to bring it up to the condition that you are hoping to achieve. By working closely with our expert team, you can ensure that you get the exact services that you need in order to achieve the finish that you desire.

Upholstery Restoration Service

We have discussed the exterior of the car but what about the interior? Our upholstery restoration service can help return all of your interior parts back to showroom condition. Our extensive experience and knowledge can help to ensure that you get a finish that matches the original if that is what you seek. We can also customise upholstery if you are looking to do something a little different. Whatever your need, Restoria Classics is here to help.