Why You Need Interior Refits For Your Classic Car

While many classic car restorations are usually heavily focused on the exterior of a car, it is the interior of a classic car that can set it apart from the field. The interior is also the part of the car that makes most of the difference for the driver who wishes to use and enjoy their classic; a tatty interior can really take the gloss off of what was meant to be an amazing restoration and is the difference between good and great.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the most important areas of the interior, discuss their importance and give you an idea of what we can do to take your restoration to the next level through our range of services dedicated to getting the best out of classic cars.


It is easy to ignore the humble car seat, but years of use and abuse generally mean that the seats of a car are by far the most used piece of interior equipment. If your seats are looking a little past their best, we can offer a range of services to bring yours back to life. With everything from small repairs in leather or fabric seats, all the way up to full seat refurbishment, our upholstery department can help to rebuild seats to any specification (including the original specification of the car).



Door cards, dash pads and other interior trim items looking a bit tatty? Our upholstery team can refurbish or replace every part of your interior trim. While original parts are likely to be very difficult to come by on the vast majority of classics, contact us and we can get the work done. We can rebuild and refurbish numerous interior trim items to allow them to give many more years of faithful service.

Woodwork & Roofs

While a rarity today, many classic cars had beautifully crafted woodwork built into them. Over time this woodwork can start to look worn and tatty. Our extensive knowledge and woodworking skills can help to repair or rebuild wooden interior trim parts and help to give it back the stunning look that is missing in many of today’s cars.

Have a problem with your roof? Years of damp conditions can severely damage roof linings and convertible soft tops. Our team can refurbish these items (or replace them) in order to bring them back to optimum condition. We can even get damaged, non-functional roofs working again so that you can enjoy the sunshine with the top down!

A Range Of Interior Services

Our team of master craftsmen have years of experience working on the unique challenges that classic cars bring. They can use this knowledge and expertise to create a high-quality finish that will bring the best out of your beloved classic. With a dedicated upholstery team supporting them, our team can produce stunning, complete interior restorations on all makes and models of classic cars. Trust us to deliver amazing quality at a budget that you can afford.

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