How to maintain a classic car

How to Maintain a Classic Car

You have bought the classic car of your dreams, but now you have the task of ensuring you maintain it properly. With classic cars, there is a lot of maintenance involved in order to preserve them. It’s not just about ensuring the exterior of the car is kept in good condition, it is also about ensuring the car is maintained properly and this includes the maintenance of the engine and the fluids. Classic cars are not cheap and as such, it is even more important to ensure they are well maintained. The more effort you put into the maintenance of your classic car, the longer it will last and the more enjoyment you will get from it. These are some tips to ensure your classic car is kept well maintained.

Regular Checks

Just as you would take yourself along to the doctors for regular maintenance, you need to do the same with your classic car, even if it still looks the part. With regular checks, you will be able to find out about any minor problems before they become major ones and it will keep your classic car in good working order. Even if you are good at maintaining vehicles, it is always worth getting checks done by a professional. If nothing else, they will be able to tell you where to get your repairs done a lot cheaper than if you try to find out yourself.

Safe Storage

One of the most important aspects of maintaining your classic car is to consider the storage space you use. It is essential that the car is stored somewhere clean, and free from moisture and damp. Moisture can cause rust on your vehicle and this can quickly lead to its demise, if you’re not careful. Make sure the location of the car is dry and if necessary, use a dehumidifier to keep it extra dry, especially if you are storing it for long periods of time. If there are windows in the storage space, keep them slightly ajar, as this will help with both moisture problems and bad odours. If you do notice any corrosion on the car, you can get it before it spreads by using WD40 or give the car a paint job.

Fuel Up

Your classic car needs plenty of fluids to keep it performing well and as such, it is imperative that you check on the fluids, as well as the regular maintenance the car requires. The fluids include the engine oil and the coolant and especially the coolant in the winter or when conditions are particularly cold. It is also a good idea to keep the tank filled up, as this can minimise condensation, which often leads to mould and other issues which can easily ruin your classic car

Fuel Up Cars

Recharging Battery

It is important to keep your battery recharged, as they can lose power if not used regularly or when the weather is cold. If you don’t charge your battery, it will cause problems with restarting your vehicle when you really need it.

Maintain Tyres

Classic cars tend not to be out and about as much as other vehicles. In many cases, classic cars are kept in more often than they go out and the stationery position for long periods of time can cause the tyres to warp. This can be costly, especially if you have spent money on custom tyres. If your classic car tends to be kept in the same position for long periods, make sure you move it regularly, even if it’sjust a quick drive around the local area.

Check Driving Conditions

As classic cars tend to depreciate more quickly than newer models, it is a good idea to check the driving conditions before you go out for a drive. If the clouds have opened, it is worth giving your drive a miss, if possible. Classic cars are better for the summer, or at least, dry days as this will help maintain their condition.

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Keep it Clean

If you want to maintain your classic car, make sure it’s cleaned regularly, as this will help ensure the paintwork looks better and there is less scratching. It is also worth adding a layer of wax to the body of the car, to keep it to a high standard. The body and the undercarriage of the car should both be cleaned, including the tyres. You only really need a standard car wash formula and a bucket of water to clean your vehicle, as other soaps and cleaning products can do more damage than good. They can strip the wax from the car, so it is best to stick to the basics.

Get Insurance

It is important to have insurance for your classic car, as this will help ensure you are covered, if anything goes wrong. There are companies who deal only with classic cars, so these might be worth a look or specialist teams within large insurance companies. Insurance is essential for any vehicle, but especially for classic cars.

Forget the Handbrake

It can be better for your classic car if you don’t use the handbrake, but instead, keep it in gear or keep the car in place with chocks. Cables can end up becoming useless if you use the handbrake too often. You must also check your brakes regularly, and upgrade to disc brakes if needed. Brakes are essential for safety in your classic car, and these are of paramount importance if you want to ensure your car is maintained adequately
Classic cars are ideal for those who want something a little different, but it is important to be aware that these vehicles require more maintenance than newer models, so you need to have the time (and patience) to be able to take care of them properly. If you neglect your classic, it will not only depreciate, it could also become completely useless. Take care of your classic car now and you’ll get the benefits from it in the future. Classic cars are a worthwhile investment, but only if you look after them.

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