Classic Car Welding And Fabrication Specialist

Here at Restoria Classics, we understand that sometimes, our client’s classic cars need a little tender loving care in order to keep them in tip-top condition. A combination of traditional British weather and the passing of time can mean that what was once a rock-solid daily driver can become a rusty mess! Thankfully, our highly experienced team can help. Below we have a number of the metalwork classic car services that we offer to help you to get your classic pride and joy back out on the open road in tip-top condition.

Classic Car Welding

If your beloved classic car is looking a little worse for wear then you may need some welding done to improve some of the metalwork. Our welding service can help to extend the life of your car with the removal of damaged areas and the welding in of replacement metal. It doesn’t matter what the current condition of your vehicle is, or where the damage has occurred, our custom metal work specialists have years of experience in putting classic cars back to showroom condition. 

 From small seam welds to complete panel replacements, our specialist metal fabricators can help to fix or repair many of the different metalwork areas of your classic car. Perhaps you are working on the restoration project yourself and just need some help with the welding. Whatever you need, our team will be happy to do as much or as little as you need in order to keep your project moving forward.

Panel Making

While we can repair many areas of your car as well as rendering classic car servicing, we can also make custom panels to replace damaged areas of your vehicle. This ability to create custom parts means that you save significant time and money trying to find an original part. Our team will analyse the size, shape and makeup of the current panel in order to create an exact replica. We will then fit this custom created panel to the vehicle in a way that ensures a seamless finish that is as good as new.

Rust Proofing And Underseal

We all know that the wonderful British weather can play havoc with the bodywork of a classic car. That’s why our rust proofing and underseal services can help to ensure that rain and damp will never be a problem again. We can provide this service at any stage and can add it after making panel repairs and custom fabrications. This cost-effective solution means that your pride and joy will be waterproof for years to come.

Classic Car Fabrication

On top of our welding options, our team can help take on much more significant fabrication projects. From small panels to complete frame refurbishments, our expert fabricators can help to shore up, and in many cases improve, the metalwork of your classic car. Our in-house expert, skilled craftsmen can fabricate almost any metalwork quickly and efficiently to ensure that the panels and areas that need attention in your car can be put into a new condition. This can be very helpful in extending the life of your vehicle for many years to come.

As well as fixing metalwork issues with your vehicle, we can also create custom fabrications to help make improvements in the design and use of your vehicle. Often, designs from many years ago can be significantly improved with the use of modern techniques that were not previously available. Our master craftsmen can use these modern techniques to vastly improve upon the build quality of your ageing classic car. This can help to breathe new life and extend the years that you have with your car

Custom Classic Car Modifications

If you love your classic car but fancy something a little different, then our experienced team can help to create custom modifications to any part of your vehicle to help push it to the next level. While many classic car owners will clearly want the car to be as close to the original specification as possible, many of our clients also want to upgrade their vehicle. Many classic car owners adore their cars but genuinely wish that they could have the benefits of some of the modern technology that is taken for granted in today’s cars. Our team are expert engineers who use this expertise to help to take your car to the next level and create a truly one-off example.

From British to European classics, our team have the knowledge, experience and passion to help create the exact car of your dreams. So sit down and have a chat with our team to see what we can do with your classic. We can help to guide the development process of your car and ensure that you receive an amazing car that you have helped to design.

Complete Refurbishment

While much of the work we carry out is repair and fabrication work, we can also carry out a complete refurbishment of your classic car. We can take your car back to its traditional specification, or create something entirely unique. Whatever your plans, our team can help to make it a reality. We have tons of experience putting life back into some of the world’s most-loved classic cars and can turn that experience to create the car of your dreams.

Next Steps

We have a wealth of experience that we can use in helping to deliver you a truly inspiring vehicle, and can help you bring the very best out of your classic car. For more information on our services, call or email us today and a member of our team will be happy to talk you through your needs and how we can best help you.


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